Apple's striking new M1-powered iMac comes in seven different colours

The new Apple iMac will come in seven different colour finishes including blue, green, yellow, pink and Purple. (image credit: Apple)
It looks more like a giant iPad on a stand than what we've come to expect from a desktop computer. (image credit: Apple)
Powered by the Apple M1 processor, it promises to be super fast and super quiet. (image credit: Apple)
The new iMac comes with a Touch ID ready keyboard so you can get the same experience as a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro when it comes to security. (image credit: Apple)
This is the side profile. Yes, it really is that thin. It's just 11.5mm thin. So thin in fact that Apple has moved the Ethernet adapter to the power pack. (image credit: Apple)
When it comes to video calls there is a new 1080p FaceTime HD camera and studio-quality mics for better audio calls. (image credit: Apple)