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(Pocket-lint) - We've long been expecting new iMacs in 2021 - not least because of the move of the Mac to Apple's own processors that began last November. 

We've also heard a lot of rumours that there will be a completely new design for the iMac, something that we've felt has been needed for a while. After all, many monitors now have near bezel-less displays so why not Apple's all-in-one? 

Now though, there's something more - serial Apple rumourmonger Jon Prosser suggests that the new iMac will be available in the same range of colours as the recent iPad Air. That means blue, pink and green iMacs!

More interestingly - but not a rumour that we've heard previously - is that there may also be a Mac mini Pro. This would certainly make some sense if there is a follow-up chip to the Apple M1 forthcoming soon. With M1 in the standard mini and M2 (say) in the Pro that would make a lot of sense. Prosser's image of this device looks like a taller Mac mini that echos the old G4 Cube from 20 years ago a little. We did hear rumours about a new Mac mini though last year... 

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Writing by Dan Grabham.
  • Source: Apple's M1 iMac & Mac Pro Mini - HERE YOU GO! First look! Design! COLORS ARE BACK! Exclusive leaks! - youtu.be
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