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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is set to debut a thinner version of the MacBook Air, more akin to the older pre-2017 MacBook. The change has no doubt been enabled by Apple's shift to its own processors meaning the MacBook Air is now fanless. 

When the revised Apple M1 model came out in November we expressed surprise that Apple hadn't been more radical with its design choices but it now seems like things are heading in that direction. 

It also seems that the new design with have MagSafe magnetic charging - this could be in a similar way to the iPhone 12, it could be a new port or it could somehow magnetise the USB-C cable - we'll have to wait and see on that front. 

The news comes courtesy of key Apple watcher Mark Gurman writing on Bloomberg who has spoken to sources with knowledge of the project. The source also seems to confirm that the border around the screen will shrink, which is something we criticised in our recent review of the MacBook Air M1

Interestingly, the source also says that a 15-inch MacBook Air was on the cards at one point although this isn't currently happening (we think it should!). 

Earlier this week we covered a similar rumour around MagSafe coming to the MacBook Pro and this adds further weight to that, too. Gurman also says the new Pro will bring back an SD card slot which would be a major surprise. The new models will also say goodbye to the much-maligned and under utilised Touch Bar

As we've predicted numerous times before, Gurman says that the Mac will support cellular (presumably 5G) in future as well as Face ID but that is unlikely to come in the first iteration of the redesigns. 

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As well as the MacBook Air and Pro updates, we are also expecting a new iMac to launch this year - again with a redesign with thinner bezels - as well a revised Intel based MacPro and a MacPro based on Apple Silicon. 

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 22 January 2021.