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(Pocket-lint) - We've been hearing for a good while now that Apple's looking to hop aboard the Mini LED bandwagon and switch up the technology behind its generally very impressive displays.

Late last year those rumours were centred around new Macbook Pro models for 2021, and things have now moved on to focus on some of Apple's other big sellers, namely both the iPad Pro and Macbook Air. 

Reports are circulating that both these products are in line for the Mini LED treatment, although they are seemingly on very different timelines. First up, the iPad Pro, which is due for a refresh after the new iPad Air blew it out of the water in a few ways upon release.

The bigger 12.9-inch model might be getting upgraded to a Mini LED screen, according to sources talking to Japanese blog Mac Otakara, and would be announced sometime in March if its information is correct.

You'd assume that the tablet would also get the expected upgrades internally, including a new chip at its heart, so it would be interesting to see how its value proposition might change. 

Separately, the MacBook Air is a huge hit for Apple in the laptop market, but one that's only just had a refresh with the release of the M1-powered version. It, therefore, isn't expected to see any kind of refresh imminently, but a new DigiTimes report has pinned it to a likely 2022 release.

That would make some sense, giving the current laptop time to bed in, and could see it graced with a second-generation Apple Silicon chip, too. 

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On both counts, we'll of course have to wait and see, and we wouldn't hold out much hope of firm news on the MacBook Air front anytime soon. It'll obviously take less time to find out whether these predictions about a March unveiling of a new Mini LED iPad Pro are accurate. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.