(Pocket-lint) - We've long expected Apple to announce Macs based around its own processors. But when has always been the big question. 

Now could be the time. 

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suggests there will be an announcement at Apple's upcoming developer conference that will be livestreamed on 22 June. Gurman claims the programme is called Kalamata and will be an announcement to give developers time to get used to the idea and ready their apps ahead of new Mac announcements in 2021. 

Apple has used Intel chips for a decade and a half since the demise of PowerPC, but that era of dominance could be ending in yet another blow for Intel.

Now, we're not expecting a full Intel replacement programme, but certainly, we could see the ARM-based A-Series chips from the iPad Pro used in a portable Mac - and that would also give the Mac the ability to have integrated 4G or even 5G connectivity. 

So maybe we can expect an ARM-based MacBook Air in 2021?

We think it unlikely that Apple will be able to switch over performance laptops or desktop computers like the iMac and Mac Pro even in the long-term because of the performance of Intel's desktop processor parts. However, this could change depending on how much Apple wants to invest and the performance level of any new chips. 

Intel has suffered in recent times from a resurgent AMD hitting it where it hurts in terms of decent desktop and rising amounts of AMD-based laptops being sold.

Last year, Apple had to shift back to Qualcomm 5G modems for the iPhone instead of Intel ones when it transpired that Intel's new modem parts would run too hot. (Apple subsequently bought Intel's modem division with a view to using the work for future modem development for the iPhone). 

Writing by Dan Grabham.