(Pocket-lint) - There has been talk about new Mac devices coming down the pike. Now, a reliable leaker has claimed an iMac and Mac mini, specifically, are in the works.

Twitter account CoinX has accurately leaked information about upcoming Apple products in the past, including the names of the iPhone XS, ‌iPhone XS‌ Max, and iPhone XR, the removal of the headphone jack in the iPad Pro, and more.

Now, CoinX has shared a tweet mentioning iMac and Mac mini along with a "soon" arrow emoji:

Although no other details were included, it's safe to assume CoinX thinks these devices are on the way. Apple last updated the iMac lineup in March 2019, but the iMac Pro hasn't been refreshed since it launched in December 2017. Meanwhile, the Mac mini was last updated in October 2018.

In other words, these Macs are due for an update. Apple also tends to update some devices in the springtime, so if we had to guess, the new iMac and Mac mini models could be announced any day now. That said, well-respected Apple watcher and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also recently said a new iMac Pro with a Mini-LED backlit display is coming but won't launch in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Either way, Apple's next Macs will probably be announced via a press release, rather than an event. Rumours have indicated Apple might hold a March event, but due to the coronavirus pandemic that's sweeping the globe, that's likely no longer the case, obviously.

To be clear, it is unclear who runs the CoinX Twitter account, but since it has a decent track record, it's worth highlighting what it tweets.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.