(Pocket-lint) - An Apple floppy disk signed by Steve Jobs from the late 80s has popped up on an auction site. And, it can be yours for a mere $8,800 (£6,805).

The disk for Macintosh System Tools version 6.0 - an early precursor to macOS - has been verified (pre-certified) as genuine, as has Jobs' signature.

It is thought to be extremely rare, as the late-CEO and founder of Apple didn't autograph much during his lifespan, so RR Auction describes it as a "museum-quality piece of computing history".

It placed an initial estimate of $7,500 although that has now been exceeded. The bidding currently stands at $8,000 (at time of writing) so the next bidder will need to commit $8,800.

However, even that might not secure the disk. The auction does not finish until next week, with a "30-minute rule" starting at 7pm ET Wednesday 4 December.

In addition, a 25 per cent "buyer's premium" will be added to the final hammer price. Commission, basically.

So, if you really want a slice of Apple history, you'll need to have fairly deep pockets. That said, it'll probably end up working out to be the cost of, roughly, two of the highest end MacBook Pros that are currently available on the Apple Store.

That's not so bad, when you think about it.

Writing by Rik Henderson.