(Pocket-lint) - A full teardown of Apple's new MacBook Pro 16-inch has revealed that the new keyboard is actually pretty much an old design. 

Apple finally gave up on the butterfly-switch keyboard after four years of poor performance, sticky keys, several redesigns and an expensive, ongoing recall. The new MacBook Pro could be seen as an admission of defeat but let's think of it positively - that Apple listened to customer grumbles, albeit quite late. 

However, the keyboard isn't a new design; indeed Apple had already said it was a move back to scissor switches. But as revealed by iFixit, the mechanics of the new keyboard are pretty much the same as Apple uses in its separate Magic Keyboards.

That would make sense, since Apple has called the new keyboard a Magic Keyboard. It does mean that the keys are actually interchangeable and it's much easier to replace a keycap or remove debrs. The keyboard has around 0.5mm more travel and the keycaps themselves are 0.2mm thicker. 

However, iFixit are as critical of the general repairability of the new Apple laptop as ever, rating it 1 out of 10. The only praise was that the trackpad can be easily removed. Some components are modular but the main issue is that the keyboard, battery and speakers are all attached with glue and/or rivets. 

Here's iFixit's summary report on the teardown. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.