(Pocket-lint) - We're still expecting Apple to launch a 14-inch MacBook Pro eventually to replace the current MacBook 13-inch, though because of the recent upgrade to the existing 13-inch model, it could be that this is now due in 2021.

Apple announced an all-new 16-inch MacBook Pro last year with a larger display, improved graphics, bigger battery and better speakers and microphones. However, the biggest change it brought was a totally refreshed keyboard.

We thought that Apple would launch a 14-inch version of this notebook in early 2020, but this ended up being a refresh of the existing MacBook Pro 13-inch with the new keyboard as well as upgraded internals.

Despite the recent refresh of the 13-inch, we're still expecting Apple to launch a 14-inch MacBook Pro eventually to replace the current MacBook 13-inch. That follows the pattern we saw with the 15-inch being replaced by the 16-inch. Let's check out the latest rumours. 

And with some Macs changing to run on Apple's own processors, the jury is out on whether a new MacBook Pro would run on them or would stick with Intel for now. Our money's on the latter, though this is very uncertain at present. 

The new keyboard has wider, shallower, clickier keys and a redesigned scissor-switch mechanism dubbed the Magic Keyboard. It is an improvement, but it's not new tech - it's based on the Magic Keyboards that have come with iMacs for years.

Like the MacBook Air, the physical Escape key has returned while the key caps can be removed and replaced. There's still a Touch Bar, but it is smaller now. 


Release date

  • Now due late 2020 or early 2021

We were expecting the 14-inch MacBook Pro to debut in early 2020, but that model ended up being an update to the existing 13-inch. That's why we're still expecting there to be a new model either later in 2020 or early in 2021. If it is in late 2020, it's likely to be in October or November. We still believe it will run Intel processors at present rather than being an ARM-based model. 

If it does get delayed until 2021, it'll most likely be March since that tends to be when Apple does its Spring product releases. 


Specs and design

  • Latest generation Intel Core processors
  • Mini LED display

We'd expect the 14-inch Pro to be about the same size and thickness as the current 13-inch with smaller bezels to accommodate the larger display. There should be a larger battery promising a full working day of battery life during everyday use plus four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports and a headphone jack.

We've heard rumours of numerous Apple products launching with Mini LED displays, so we'd expect the MacBook Pro to be in line for these whenever the new version launches. If the MacBook Pro gets these displays, we'd expect far smaller bezels than currently. 

They'll probably now launch on the incoming version of macOS, known as macOS 11 Big Sur

MacBook Pro 14-inch: What's happened so far?

22 June 2020 - macOS Big Sur is here

Apple has revealed the newest macOS, taking the wraps off a new visual redesign for version 11.0 of the operating system. There's also a variety of new features that are coming to its laptops and desktops plus the new OS can run on Intel or ARM platforms. 

20 June 2020 - Could the first ARM-based Macs really be MacBook Pros?

Apple is moving some of its Mac lineup to ARM-based Apple Silicon processors beginning this year. Some rumours are pointing to the new MacBook Pro being first among these, but we're not so sure - we think it'll be far more likely to be in the MacBook Air class. 

4 May 2020 - New MacBook Pro 13-inch official

Apple has announced a refresh of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the latest-generation scissor keyboard and 10th generation Intel Core processors. Other enhancements include up to 16GB of faster 3,733MHz RAM as standard and double the storage. Standard storage ranges from 256GB to 1TB, but models can now have up to 4TB of storage.

11 March 2020: 13-inch MacBook Pro refresh set for the second quarter of 2020

Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities says that a new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with the new/old scissor-design keyboard will debut in late March with a launch set for the second quarter of 2020.  

11 March 2020: Six new devices with Apple Mini-LED displays in 2020 and 2021

According to the latest rumours Apple will debut six new products featuring Mini-LED display technology over the coming months. Among these will be the 14.1-inch MacBook Pro and an upgrade to the 16-inch ‌MacBook Pro‌.

13 January 2020: New MacBook Pro spotted in regulatory filings

Shortly before Christmas, Apple submitted some filings to the EC, and one of them is for an unreleased product with the model number A2289.

The company described it as a “portable personal computer” running macOS 10.15. Add it all up, and it's likely a new MacBook.

Writing by Dan Grabham.