Every year, at WWDC, Apple unveils the next major update to its operating system for Macs. The latest refresh is MacOS Mojave.

We expect Apple to preview a major update to Mojave to at WWDC 2019 in June. Currently, the update is known as MacOS 10.15. We don't yet know what it'll officially be called when it arrives. But, due to leaks, we're learning what it will most likely feature. Here's what you need to know.

What is MacOS 10.15?

Expected to debut at WWDC 2019 in June, MacOS 10.15 is Apple's next major update to the Mac operating system. It's thought to feature cross-platform app compatibility, the ability to turn an iPad into a second display, new Music, Podcasts, and Books apps, and more.

When will MacOS 10.15 release?

We suspect a developer beta will launch at WWDC 2019 in June, followed by a public beta to test around July or August. The official MacOS 10.15 update will likely be released for Macs in autumn 2019.

What will MacOS 10.15 be called?

It'll probably have a California location-themed name. In recent years, we've seen Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave. But these trademarked names have yet to be used by Apple: Big Sur, California, Condor, Diablo, Farallon, Grizzly, Mammoth, Miramar, Monterey, Pacific, Redtail, Rincon, Sequoia, Shasta, Skyline, Tiburon, Ventura, Redwood, and Sonoma.

What to expect from MacOS 10.15

Leaked icons for Podcasts and TV apps for Mac (Guilherme Rambo / 9to5Mac)Gallery image 1

New Music, Podcast, and TV apps (Marzipan)

MacOS 10.15 is expected to include new Apple Music, Podcasts, and TV apps, as well as a major redesign of the Apple Books app. Icons for the Podcasts and TV apps on MacOS have already leaked out. The key thing about these apps is that they're made with Marzipan, Apple’s new effort that makes it easier to port iOS apps to the Mac without too many complicated changes or code overhauls. 

To be clear, the next major version of macOS will still include the iTunes app.

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Sidecar (iPad external display)

If you own a Mac computer and an iPad, then you've probably heard about Luna Display before. The app, developed by Astro HQ, allows users to use their iPad as an extension of their Mac desktop. Now, it seems like Apple is copying that functionality with its next MacOS update for Mac laptops and desktops. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is working on a new feature called Sidecar.

Sidecar will allow users to turn their iPad into a second display for their MacBook. Users will be able to hover over the green maximise button in the MacOS window bar to access options like full-screen mode, new tiling options, and the ability to send the window to an external display.

A dropdown menu should appear, giving users the option to pick a display, though it’s not clear whether the iPad would work wirelessly with a MacBook or if you’d have to connect an iPad through a cable. We also don't know which iPad models would support Sidecar. However, Sidecar will work with the Apple Pencil, so users can draw on their iPad screen and see it appear on their Mac.

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What else can you expect?

9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo has claimed that Apple plans to bring the Siri Shortcuts feature - and maybe even the Shortcuts app - to the Mac. Shortcuts allow you create unique Siri voice commands that trigger actions in an app. Learn more about Siri Shortcuts from here.

The feature has been limited to iOS users. But now, Apple could bring that functionality to the Mac. 9to5Mac stipulated, however, that Shortcuts would only work with Marzipan apps, or apps that Apple has brought over from iOS to the Mac. 9to5Mac also claimed that Screen Time, an iOS-exclusive feature that reveals how much time you’ve spent using your device, will also come to the Mac.

This could help you manage your digital health on the desktop. But it sounds like this is just the tip of the iceberg - and that more features are coming to the Mac. Buckle up and prepare to learn more soon. WWDC 2019 is a couple months away.