(Pocket-lint) - A newly released report is suggesting that Apple is launching a new 31.6-inch 6K resolution external display with mini-LED backlighting in 2019.

The report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was acquired and analysed 9to5Mac. It is suggested that not only is this new mini-LED display coming soon, but there will also be a new iPad and new MacBook with mini-LED displays coming in either 2020 or 2021.

This will be the first time Apple has released an external display in a while but the promise of a new mini-LED backlit screen should certainly be enough to get people excited. 

This investment in mini-LED technology comes after the news that Apple is investing in its own MicroLED screen technology that's also coming in the next few years. 

The report by Ming-Chi Kuo implies that there might be more to get excited about when it comes to the mini-LED technology planned for the future iPads and MacBooks.

While the new 31.6-inch display will only support mini-LED via backlighting, the future Apple products will include "true end-to-end mini-LED screens". The report says these screens will include up to 25 times as many LEDs as those found in the larger external display. 

This new screen technology should enable a rich wide colour gamut, higher contrast ratios, high dynamic range and more besides. 

It is also thought that the new mini-LED tech will help improve the battery performance of the devices it is used in thanks to a more power efficient design. 

We expect to find out more at WWDC on 3 June

Writing by Adrian Willings.