(Pocket-lint) - Remember the 17-inch MacBook Pro? Apple is apparently set on once again producing a larger model of the Pro, and it'll be released this year. 

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new laptop will be a 16 or 16.5-incher and won't be a straightforward supersizing of the current notebook. Instead, there will be an all-new design. Maybe there will be thinner bezels to bring it in line with other top-end notebooks. And it should also have Face ID, which has been rumoured for the Mac for ages. 

It would be a little early for an all-new design to debut, but it's certainly true that Apple has more competition than ever in the premium notebook space from the likes of Dell, HP and Microsoft Surface. Apple may want to take the opportunity to further develop the Touch Bar (or discontinue it...)

The 17-inch MacBook Pro was discontinued seven years ago. It wasn't actually that portable, weighing around 3kg and suffered in terms of battery life. But now that the Pro has a slimmer form factor and hardware is more power frugal, it could be that a larger model finds a niche in the market once more. 

After all, even workers like video editors, developers and CAD operators that have always needed need top-drawer power are now more used to working on the move. 

Kuo also suggested in the same research note that Apple may add 32GB of RAM as an option for the 13-inch MacBook Pro. You can already get it as an option for the 15-inch model. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.