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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has been rumoured to be working on new Macs, and a new report from Bloomberg seems to mirror much of what's already been said.

According to Bloomberg, a complete refresh to the MacBook Air is coming. This “low-cost” laptop will arrive with slimmer bezels, a high-resolution Retina display, and a design that's not unlike the current MacBook Air, which Apple has been ignoring ever since it decided to launch and focus its efforts on the 12-inch MacBook that has a much higher starting price.

The $1,000 MacBook Air, with its low-resolution screen and mediocre specs, has always been seen as the entry-level model for students, with the 12-inch MacBook being the next step up for those who had a bit more to spend. But now people are starting to get annoyed by the fact the MacBook Air is wildly outdated and overpriced compared to rival laptops.

Another thing some people don't like: the Mac Mini, because the desktop computer has not seen an update since October 2014. However, Bloomberg said Apple is working on an update to that, too. It will get “new storage and processor options", which will likely make it more expensive than previous versions. The Mac Mini is for niche users, such as those who wants a home theatre PC.

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Apple has indicated it plans to update the Mac Mini, so we're not too surprised to hear an update is coming. And last week there was a report about Apple updating its MacBook range with a 13-inch model and possibly a new Air. The company is expected to launch three new iPhone models in September, and it could unveil these Macs at the same time.

However, in past years, it's held separate October events for Macs.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.