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(Pocket-lint) - Much has been said on the leaked Apple N84 (codename Star) over the last few days. But, unlike many rumoured devices in the past, the one thing that nobody seems sure of is what the Star actually is.

Some sources claim that the Apple Star is a laptop/tablet hybrid, using an ARM processing architecture and, possibly, iOS as the operating system.

Some say that it is a new 12-inch MacBook, that also switches to the ARM architecture in order to improve power consumption and efficiency.

And some simply say it's the codename for the cheaper of the three previously rumoured new iPhones.

Is the Apple Star a hybrid laptop/tablet?

Of these, the hybrid option seems the less likely. Apple has made significant strides with its iPad Pro tablets, and has specifically focused on their ability to work well with attachable keyboards. Why would it want to release a similar, rival device to those at this stage? Especially as we expect a couple of all-new iPad Pro models to be released later this year, with Face ID technology on-board.

A more efficient MacBook is a more interesting proposition.

Is the Apple N84 (Star) a MacBook?

As reported by 9to5Mac, Digitimes and others, Apple supplier Pegatron has allegedly been tasked with building an ARM-based MacBook.

Apple traditionally uses Intel chips in its MacBook products, but switching to an ARM architecture could be the way forward for the company's most portable notebook range. In addition, the Star (N84) has been rumoured to adopt LTE (4G) technology for mobile connectivity, which would make sense if ARM is utilised.

Another hint towards the possibility that the Star relates to a MacBook is that different sources say it will feature an EFI boot system - which generally features on MacBook variants. iOS devices use iBoot.

Is the Apple Star (N84) a new iPhone?

The final option is probably the simplest. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims that the Apple N84 is, in fact, the cheaper, LCD iPhone model planned for release later this year.

Considering Gurman's track record of getting Apple info spot on, this is the most likely outcome. It's also the most boring though.

Maybe we'll find out more at WWDC in a week's time.

Writing by Rik Henderson.