High Sierra is finally official.

The latest major update to Apple’s desktop operating system, MacOS High Sierra, is now available as a free upgrade for existing Mac users. It's an over-the-air update you can access from the Mac App Store. You can also get it by clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen and then selecting About This Mac > Software Update. All Macs from 2010 and later are compatible with the update.

Some older Macs, like MacBooks and iMacs from 2009, can also run High Sierra. However, we'll admit it, it's kind of a boring update when compared to previous updates to the Mac operating system. Sure, it has a new file system underneath, and support for virtual reality experiences, but in terms of obvious visual changes for the average consumers to get excited about, there aren't too many.

Check out Pocket-lint's guide here for more details about more forward-facing changes, including tweaks to the Photos app, Safari, and more. In our review of the software, we said many will wonder what's different since pressing the update button. There are a few tidbits here and there, but for those looking for a huge visual change, they'll be disappointed.

Still, that's not to say you shouldn't update. While it's not hugely exciting, it lays the ground work for more exciting things to come.