Apple has come up with another adapter for 2016 MacBook Pro owners.

The new MacBook Pro is a little inconvenient in that it replaced most ports with USB-C, relegating owners to a life of adapters if they want to make their existing peripherals compatible with the new laptop. And although they probably don't want to hear about another adapter they may have to soon buy, this one is an exception. Why? Because it makes their old MagSafe breakaway charging cables useful again.

A patent published a few days ago has revealed Apple mulled the idea of a MagSafe to USB-C adapter. The patent was actually filed last year, the same day Griffin began selling a similar, MagSafe-like breakaway USB-C adapter for $40. Of course, because this is a patent, it means Apple may never actually release the adapter, but there has been a lot of criticism over its USB-C-only laptops, so you never know.

Apple Stores in the near future could soon stock Apple's latest invention. Yes, it's another adapter, but it appears to be a tiny, little thing that will be easy to carry around. Plus, it'll let you make use of your old MagSafe cables, while still providing a breakaway solution.

Keep in mind USB-C cables for the new MacBook Pro don't breakaway, meaning your laptop will fall to the ground should you trip over the cable, but with this adapter, you can use old charging cables, plus trip over them, and spare your laptop from floor crashes.