(Pocket-lint) - Apple's "Hello Again" event has been and gone, and it treated us to a few new product announcements.

The event came 2 months after unveiling the latest iPhone models, and this time focused on the Mac. Here's everything you need to know about the event, including what was unveiled and how to watch it again.

Apple Mac event: Can you watch online?

Apple streamed the broadcast live but if you missed it, or want to watch it again, you can head to Apple's website where you can do so. The good thing about watching it after it's been broadcast, is you can scroll backwards or forwards to get to the bits you want.

Apple Mac event: What did Apple unveil?

MacBook Pro


The biggest announcement of Apple's October event was a new MacBook Pro. Apple's Pro laptop hasn't had a major upgrade since 2012, apart from a new display and improved processors along the way. The new MacBook Pro represents a complete overhaul, coming in much thinner and lighter than before. 

The new MacBook comes in 13 and 15-inch versions, both of which get a much larger trackpad that's around twice the size of the previous models. The keyboard uses a second-generation butterfly mechanism, which aims to improve typing accuracy, especially on such a thin machine. Apple also ditched all the ports you're used to on a MacBook Pro has instead fitted four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

There's no MagSafe port for charging as that's done via USB Type-C and no SD card slot. To connect anything that doesn't use a USB Type-C connection, Apple sells a range of adapters and connectors.

The biggest change the MacBook Pro, however, is the addition of a new OLED touch strip, called Touch Bar. It replaces the physical function keys at the top of the keyboard and is contextual based on whichever app you're currently using. For example, when using iTunes, the bar shows media and volume controls, where as in a photo-editing program, it would show tool shortcuts or commands. The Touch Bar also works with third-party applications such as Photoshop.

The Touch Bar also integrates Touch ID on the power button of the machine, allowing users to unlock their machine without typing in their actual password. Touch ID can be used to let users switch between their personal profiles on the machine and make purchases from Apple Pay compatible websites.

Under the hood Apple has given the machines faster SSD storage, more RAM than you know what to do with and the best displays they've ever put on a laptop. The new Retina displays are 2560 x 1600 pixels on the 13in models and 2880 x 1800 on the 15in.

There are three new models in total, a 13in without Touch Bar and two Thunderbolt ports, a 13in with Touch Bar and four Thunderbolt ports and a 15in with Touch Bar and four Thunderbolt ports. Prices start at £1449 and rise to £2349 for entry models. 

The 13in model without Touch Bar is available to order now, while the Touch Bar variants will be available in a few weeks.

MacBook Air


Apple didn't make any announcements surrounding the MacBook Air, although the company did point out the new 13in MacBook Pro is smaller, thinner and lighter than the 13in Air. But Apple did quietly discontinue the 11-inch model from the store, although an Apple representative at Cupertino told Pocket-lint it would still be available for educational purposes.

The 13-inch MacBook Air has had a price adjustment, so it's now more expensive in the UK.

TV App


Apple unveiled a new app for the Apple TV, called TV. The new TV app brings all of your TV content into one unified space, to help you find new shows to watch, or continue with ones you're already stuck into.

The TV app is available across iOS devices too, so if you start watching something on your iPad coming home from work, you'll be able to carry on where you left off on your Apple TV at home.

Siri has been baked into the app as well, and is aware of live events. Apple's on stage demo included asking it to play "the Stanford game" and it starting streaming the live game you want.

Writing by Elyse Betters and Max Langridge.