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(Pocket-lint) - Apple appears to be putting its older MacBook Pro laptops out to pasture, potentially to make way for the rumoured new model with an OLED touch panel.

According to sources of AppleInsider, and its own research, Apple has begun to stop shipping the old MacBook Pro without Retina display to its Stores. These older models, featuring spinning optical hard drives, have stopped appearing on shelves of Apple Stores in multiple US locations.

The last time this MacBook Pro was updated was back in 2012. Since then the new MacBook Pro with Retina has been the big push on Apple's site, with the older model sat at the bottom of the list. Aside from the MacBook Air, all of Apple's major hardware now features Retina displays.

By phasing out the older model Apple could be making space for a new flagship laptop. Rumours have suggested that a new MacBook Pro with Retina display is ditching the function keys in favour of an OLED display touch bar. The latest macOS Sierra software has backed these rumours with references to just such a device.

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Apple is expected to refresh its MacBook line later in the year. Check the link below to see some amazing concept designs of what we might be able to expect from the new MacBook Pro with OLED.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.