Apple's developer conference, WWDC, is predominantly known for updating developers on the latest progress in the company's range of operating systems from iOS to OS X.

This year, rumours are flying around that the company will announce an update to its MacBook Pro range of laptops.

If rumours are to be believed, Apple is reportedly ditching the function keys in favour of a new OLED display touch bar that can be adapted and changed to suit your needs at any given time.

While the rumourmill has generated plenty of speculation and hearsay. Now references to and OLED panel have been found in macOS Sierra have been found. 

Now Apple concept designer Martin Hajek creating some stunning 3D renders of what he thinks such a laptop would look like.

Martin Hajekmacbook pro oled concept photos will make you want the rumoured feature more than ever image 15

Hajek isn't shy of using his spare time to envision how yet to be announced Apple products could be designed turning his craft to Apple TV mocks ups, iPhone 7 mock ups, and other Apple devices over the years.

For his MacBook Pro with OLED display concept, Hajek sees Apple using the addition screen on the keyboard above the standard keys to mirror some elements of the OS 10 X menu bar at the top of the screen.

The touchscreen display would be able to give you access to media controls, battery information, search buttons, time and date, as well as, info like download times, or just being the function keys they all ready are.

It's all conjecturer of course, but if the Apple new Macbook Pro looks even anywhere near as good, we are sure it would encourage many to reach for their credit card.

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