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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is reportedly set to unveil the next generation of Thunderbolt Display at WWDC 2016 in just a few weeks. It's expected to pack a 5K display and a graphics processor unit built-in for support.

Sources of 9to5mac claim that the 5K Thunderbolt Display is due imminently as stocks of the current model dwindle with no signs of replacement. Since the current model is also starting to look old when compared with new iMacs and even Retina MacBooks, this upgrade makes sense.


What's exciting is not only that 5120 x 2880 resolution but the inclusion of a dedicated GPU. The idea behind this is to allow Apple to keep making slimmer and lighter MacBook models that can still work with a 5K screen. Since the graphics processing power in super slim laptops is usually limited, this is a very clever solution.

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Reportedly the 5K Tunderbolt Display will connect to a Mac via Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C, suggesting older models will not be supported. Either the computer's GPU will run the display output or, if needs be, the Thunderbolt Display GPU will take over. This should all work seamlessly using a Mac OS update which is due to roll out soon.

Expect to pay a hefty sum for the extra processing power in the Display, but also expect to get the industry-leading DCI P3 colour gamut too.

Apple is expected to unveil the 5K Thunderbolt Display at WWDC 2016 which start on 13 June.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.