If we had to complain about one thing when it comes to Apple's laptops, we'd gripe about battery life.

And that's especially true if you own an older MacBook Pro. Simply run the Chrome browser on your machine for a couple hours, and before you know it, you'll be hastily scrounging around and looking for a place to plug in and charge. It's annoying. You know this, and we know this, and apparently, Apple has taken notice of the issue as well.

As noted by Sky News, Apple has recently submitted a patent application for a new fuel cell system. This power system could keep its devices charged for "days or even weeks" at a time. The application detailed a "portable and cost-effective fuel cell system for a portable computing device" and indicated MacBooks would get the tech first.

The system uses different fuel and energy sources to provide power. The application, for instance, listed sources like sodium borohydride and water, sodium silicate and water, lithium hydride and water, magnesium hydride and water, lithium borohydride and water, lithium aluminum hydride and water, aluminum hydride, and more.

Sky Newsapple patents fuel cell laptop battery for long lasting macbook image 2

According to the application, the actual power cartridge would run out and need to be replaced instead of re-charged. Keep in mind most patents never come to fruition, but nonetheless, it's still interesting to see that Apple is at least considering new and unique ways of improving device battery life.

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