The Apple iMac has always been in the limelight as every new model recreates desktop computer design. We've gone from a square box all the way to a metallic slither of 5K resolution. But what if the original shape had remained?

This is what German tech site Curved wondered before creating its own concept of just such a machine.

Essentially the design uses the box shape of the Apple Lisa machine but gives it a 21st century makeover with the design feel of the new MacBook Air.

The components that make up this retro machine were taken from a 2014 MacBook Air and adapted to fit in the bent aluminium frame that is shaped like the Lisa Mac. Despite looking old-school there's even a touchscreen built-in so the mouse and keyboard can be ditched if you like. We say you, but good luck getting one since they're not being mass produced.

The concept iMac features 128GB of SSD storage, 4 or 8GB of RAM and an Intel i7 CPU all wrapped up in the same aluminium used for MacBooks, iPhone and iPads. There's even a slot for microSD where the disk drive was on the original machine, as well as a FaceTime camera. If it were available it would come in silver, grey and gold.

While this isn't a machine that can be bought right now imagine this thing on Kickstarter, it would go through the roof. You listening Apple?

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