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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's next MacBook Air could see a dramatic redesign with a new 12-inch model becoming the lightest and most portable MacBook Air yet.

Revealed by 9to5Mac, who has reportedly garnered the information from sources within Apple who have been using the new model, the new 12-inch MacBook Air will trim the fat from all areas.


Losing much of the additional space around the body, the 12-inch model will be much smaller than the current 13-inch model, and slightly narrower than the current 11-inch model.

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In achieving a thinner and lighter MacBook Air, it's reported that many of the legacy connections will be removed, leaving only a 3.5mm audio socket and USB type C connector.

9to5Macdramatic apple macbook air 12 inch redesign rumoured image 4

This single USB C connector will be used both to power the MacBook Air 12-inch, as well as be the sole connecting point for physical connections.

Whether Apple would take such a radical step remains to be seen. The current MacBook Air - a popular choice with mobile workers - offers two USB ports, an SD card reader and Lightning port, as well as the MagSafe charger and a reduction might be a blow to convenience.

The MacBook Air was originally launched in 2008 and the design hasn't changed much since, while the Air has been through eight different versions. There's little discernable pattern to update schedules either, but with the current model almost a year old, and Intel just unveiling its 5th-gen Broadwell processors, an update can't be far off.

The images are artist renditions from 9to5Mac, hit the source link below for more details. Designer Martin Hajek has also created some renderings of Apple's unannounced notebook. You can check them out here.

Writing by Chris Hall.