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(Pocket-lint) - We've heard of recycling but this is just ingenious. Apple iMacs have been turned into great looking fish tanks and now you can own one.

Jake Harms thinks outside of the box, or inside the iMac in this case, and has come up with a brilliant adaptation of an old iMac. By sealing the unit after emptying it he was able to turn it into a working fish tank with a 13-litre capacity.


Since Apple has already designed a great product that would otherwise be doomed to hit a scrap pile somewhere, why not give it another lease of life?

The iMacAquarium can be bought from its creator for $299 which is about £190. Jake says: "As far as I know I'm the only weirdo in the world building iMacAquariums for sale." While Mac aquariums have been built before it seems to be for personal use only since the process of making them water tight is not an easy one involving moulding a special tank from acrylic. Not to mention installing a filter pump, light and making an access point for feeding.

Or if you fancy picking one up and doing it yourself he sells a DIY kit for $189. Before you start thinking you can do it yourself for free bare in mind this kit includes a custom built tank, filter, filter cartridge and air pump, custom light, light switch, 6 foot power cord, adjustment bolts, wire connectors, wire ties, aquarium setup and care instructions, and a link to the online instruction video.

Jake has also created clocks and lamps using more recent iMacs.

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We've created a gallery of Jake's work for you to check out. If you fancy supporting him head over the his site at the link below.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.