Apple has announced iCloud Drive, a new cloud based storage service that looks to take on Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. 

The new feature, which will be available in OS X Yosemite, the new version of the company's desktop operating system, will allow users to store files in a special cloud folder that automatically syncs to all your other Mac computers, as well as iOS devices as well. 

The new feature, which will also be available on Windows machines, has yet to be fully detailed by Apple. Also unknown is whether there will be a cost associated to the new feature.

icloud drive takes on dropbox onedrive and other cloud services for os x yosemite users image 2

Currently services like Dropbox charge around £10 a month for 100GB of data, and Apple already charges for extra backup data space on the iPhone and iPad.

The news, will no doubt come as a concern to Dropbox, as the storage company looks to remain the popular favourite of Mac users. How long that will change is yet to be seen. 

The new feature is just one of many in the company's new desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite. The company has yet to state when the OS will be available.