Apple's World Wide Developer Conference is due to start on 2 June where the fruit giant will, apparently, be revealing a completely overhauled OSX 10.10.

Until now the main focus of the event was thought to be on iOS 8, but now sources of 9to5mac are saying OS X 10.10, codenamed either Syrah or Yosemite, will be the main event. The redesign is such a big jump it's being compared to the change from iOS 6 to iOS 7 last year.

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The sources claim that Apple is so eager to get OS X 10.10 ready for WWDC it has been reallocating resources from the iOS user interface team to the OS X project. The newly design OS X is said to be "steaming forward".

The look should have a similar toggle design to iOS 7 with sharper window corners, more defined icons and more white space. The operating system will remain OS X, separate to iOS, it's merely the aesthetics that will bring the two closer together, apparently.

While iOS 8 will still be a big announcement sources say a lot of updates might not make it, instead being bumped back to iOS 8.1 instead. So things like Healthbook, the updated Maps app, standalone iTunes Radio, VoLTE calling, TextEdit, Preview and audio enhancements all rumoured to appear may not arrive right away.

Apple apparently plans to launch OS X 10.10 by the autumn with plenty of hardware updates to promote the software.