Apple is more than likely going to refresh its line of MacBook Air laptops as early as next week. But it's not likely the Retina model will arrive with that batch.

According to sources of Mac Generation the refreshed 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air models will be unveiled by Apple next week, likely Tuesday.

The redesigned MacBook Air with Retina display is expected in 2014, but not with this refresh. The new model should be a 12-inch unit that's ultra-slim and does away with the trackpad, probably for a touchscreen. According to a leaked Apple roadmap plan we can expect this to go on sale around October or November time.

The refreshed MacBook Airs for next week are expected to come with the same Haswell processors as the current versions. But a speed bump and memory expansion are anticipated as part of the 2014 refresh.

Apple's WWDC 2014 is due to kick-off in June where software updates like iOS 8 are expected – perhaps the new Retina MacBook Air will get announced there too.

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