Apple is planning to launch a new, slim 12-inch MacBook Air with several changes to the laptop line, according to a new rumour on the web.

The MacBook Air updates are coming soon, the rumour says, with MacBook Pro updates not occurring until September. Pricing and specific launch haven't been revealed. 

The 12-inch MacBook Air is said not to have a fan. It's not clear how exactly this will work, but perhaps Apple is planning cooling through natural airflow to keep the machine from overheating and keep productivity flowing.

The new MacBook Air is also said to come with a new trackpad design that doesn't include the mechanical button. Presumably, it's all gestures and tapping like on an iPhone and iPad.

A forum post on, spotted by MacRumors, reveals the information. Usually we'd stay away from random postings like this, but the post author has leaked Apple information and photos in the past, so we thought it was worth passing along.

The 12-inch MacBook Pro information also fits nicely with reports Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst who has leaked correct Apple information in the past, has written about the 12-inch MacBook Air. The laptop is said to boast the portability of the 11-inch MacBook Air model, while having the Retina, high resolution display of the 13-inch MacBook Pro model.

The forum post on Friday also claims Apple has a watch device in the works behind closed doors, in prototype stage, and that Apple isn't planning an announcement anytime soon.

With all rumours like these - especially Apple, given its secrecy - we advise you to take it with a grain of salt.

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