Instead of jostling with the rest of the super funny, but too-many-to-get-noticed adverts during the Super Bowl last night, Apple has posted its latest advert online.

The 87-second short film was directed by Jake Scott, son of Ridley, who himself directed the famous 1984 commercial for the original Macintosh computer. And while it was made as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations for the Mac, all of Apple's more modern products feature in one way or another.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the video though is that it was shot entirely using iPhone 5S smartphones. And in just one day.

Around 100 devices were used by 15 crews around the world. They took the footage on 24 January 2014, hence the name "1.24.14", which was the actual date of the Mac's birthday.

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Lee Clow, chairman of TBWA/Worldwide also consulted on the new advert. He was the creative director of Ridley Scott's original one 30 years ago.

Naturally, only Apple computers were used in the editing of the video too.