With every big new hardware release you can bet the iFixit team are all over it like grannies at a buffet. But what about the long lost gadgetry? And more specifically, what about the 1984 Macintosh 128K that started the whole line-up of Apple computers that celebrates its 30th anniversary today?

What's that - iFixit has posted a teardown of that very machine? What an amazing coincidence.

Of course, the site has included a teardown of the Macintosh 128K as part of its own nod to the anniversary, and it's surprising how few components went into the machine - one of which Pocket-lint owned, it's proud to say.

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It originally sold for $2,495 in the US ($5,594 in today's money) and was first advertised on TV in the famous 1984 commercial directed by Ridley Scott. It remains iconic today, with a one-box design that changed home computing forever.

We're particularly fond of iFixit's video for the teardown, which has a very 80s theme to it. Cult of Mac and The Vintage Mac Museum also helped out, so big thumbs up to them too.

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