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(Pocket-lint) - On the eve of the Mac's 30th anniversary, Apple marketing executive Phil Schiller says he doesn't think converging iOS and OS X into one is a good idea, as pundits and users have long dreamed. 

“We don’t waste time thinking, ‘But it should be one [interface!].’ How do you make these [operating systems] merge together?’ What a waste of energy that would be,” Schiller told Macworld in an interview before Apple's Macintosh birthday on Friday.

Schiller and Apple's software boss Craig Federighi reflected on the Mac's legacy with the publication, and made it clear the platform isn't going anywhere despite the overbearing success of iOS. 

“The reason OS X has a different interface than iOS isn’t because one came after the other or because this one’s old and this one’s new,” Federighi said. "Instead, it’s because using a mouse and keyboard just isn’t the same as tapping with your finger." He added that putting a touchscreen on a Mac would lead to a bad experience. 

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There is an effort at Apple to make it easy for customers to switch between iOS and OS X, even if they remain separate as platforms. Schiller told the publication Apple's messaging and calendar apps are a prime example.

"You don’t want to say the Mac became less good at being a Mac because someone tried to turn it into iOS," Fedrighi said. "At the same time, you don’t want to feel like iOS was designed by [one] company and Mac was designed by [a different] company, and they’re different for reasons of lack of common vision."

The interview is a rare look inside of the Apple minds who usually remain mum about their design process. 

Tim Cook, chief executive officer at Apple, will appear on World News with Diane Sawyer on Friday evening to discuss the 30th anniversary of the Mac. 

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 24 January 2014.