Apple updated its online store on Thursday with availability of its next-generation Mac Pro, starting at $2,999 (£1,836) and going all the way to $9,599. 

Several Pocket-lint tipsters noted that when the Mac Pro went on sale at 3am EST on Thursday, the earliest shipping time to receive the cylindrical computer was 30 December. It wasn't before Christmas, but not too shabby in the long run.

Fast forward a few hours, and shipping on Apple's website moved to February 2014. Later in the day, several users on Twitter noted a more drastic change, as March 2014 became the reality for many customers. You get the picture - it's going to be a hard machine to get. 

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It's a situation reminiscent of the iMac's launch in late-2012. Both the iMac and Mac Pro are assembled in Apple's plant in Texas. It leaves the question: is Apple's USA manufacturing able to push out enough stock to satisfy customers? Apple debuted the Mac Pro in June 2013, leaving what seems to be ample time to get stock in-place. 

Customers won't be able to go into a store and purchase a Mac Pro, either. Apple is accepting only personal pick-up orders of the Mac Pro in its stores, not walk-in purchases, 9to5mac first noted. If you haven't ordered the Mac Pro yet, you'll be waiting quite sometime. 

The Mac Pro is aimed at professionals, with plenty of power and lots of customisation. There are four different CPU options, three internal storage capacities, and three graphic card options, making the Mac Pro available in 144 different options - lots of ground to cover by Apple. 

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