Apple is bringing major fixes to the Mail app within its new Mavericks operating system, reports 9to5mac.

The fixes come after widespread complaints from users saying Mail causes a heap of syncing issues, bombarding their mailbox and leaving no choice but to enable Gmail's All Mail in Apple Mail. Additionally, users say smart mailboxes are breaking too, as they're alerting users to numerous unread messages without actually showing anything in the mailbox. 

Apple told Pocket-lint in October that API changes were implemented upon Gmail's request, and these changes are causing the new Apple Mail behaviour in OS X Mavericks. 

Luckily, 9to5mac says a new version of Apple Mail has been seeded to Apple employees internally and testers within Apple’s customer AppleSeed program. The changes are labelled as version 7.0 and "fixes issues with Gmail, smart mailboxes, and overall stability".

Users won't have to wait for the release of OS X 10.9.1 for the Mail changes. Instead, it will reportedly be seeded as a "patch" update obtain from the Mac App Store. There's no estimated time of arrival, but hopefully for the sanity of Mail users it's sooner than later.