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(Pocket-lint) - The new Mac Pro is coming.

Apple wants to remind us that its new, cylinder-shaped Mac Pro will arrive this autumn. To do so, the company published a cinema advert on YouTube on Friday.

Apple reportedly began promoting the Mac Pro with its new advert in cinemas last week, but the video has only just landed on YouTube. It is reminiscent of the TV advert previously shown at WWDC in June, though we now see the "Fall 2013" timestamp toward the end of the video.

apple teases new mac pro s autumn launch in cinema advert image 2

Speaking of WWDC 2013, when we attended and had an opportunity to see the Mac Pro in person, the Darth Vader of Pringles cans, an R2-D2 without legs, etc, were just some of the comments we overheard when it came to describing Apple's new desktop computer.

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We've waited for an official release date from Apple, as we've known the autumn timeframe for a while now, but the company apparently wants us to continue waiting. It has graciously whetted our appetite with this new cinema advert, though. Maybe the launch is now imminent? After all, autumn swings into full gear on 22 September in North America.

So, we shall continue to twiddle our thumbs patiently...for at least another month.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 23 August 2013.