Bang, crash, smack! That's probably just some of the words you'll be saying when you bash out emails with this cool MacBook keyboard super hero skin that features icons, badges, and caricatures of all your favourite super heros and villains.  

A quick glance and most are present including Spidey, Batman and Wolverine for "W". Punisher gets the "P" key of course. Perhaps controversially, Z is for Zorro rather than Zatanna.

The stickers fit both the wireless 13-, 15-inch MacBooks and most MacBook Airs according to Killer Duck Decals over on Etsy.

Designed not to block out the backlit keys of the keyboards underneath, the decals leave no residue and are easy to apply claim the makers. They are printed on high quality vinyl and laminated with a heavy duty, slightly glossy, protective layer.

But a word of warning:

"Our skins are meant to make your stuff look cooler, not make them bomb proof. So don't go flashing them around in the bad part of town and skipping them across lakes because they do not grant your electronics super-powers," states the makers.

Yours for $12.