Bar knowing that Apple will sooner or later refresh its Mac computer line-up, we know little about what they might feature in the way of enhanced technologies. Intel has announced a next-gen Thunderbolt pipeline, so that could well feature, but there have been few other rumours.

That is until now. Hidden in the code for the developer release of the beta seed of OS X 10.8.4 is a line which suggests the next wave of Apple Macs could well feature Wi-Fi 802.11ac tech, a more stable and superfast alternative to current wireless connection standard.

A tipster gave 9to5Mac a nod about its presence in the code. Where the last release of OS X featured the line "802.11b802.11g802.11a802.11nChannel", it now reads "802.11b802.11g802.11a802.11n802.11acChannel".

next wave of apple macs to feature superfast wi fi os x 10 8 4 code suggests so image 2

Apple is also rumoured to be working with chip manufacturer Broadcom to produce 802.11ac chips for Macs. Two plus two equals...

After the new standard being announced at CES in 2012 it's taken a while to come through. Broadcom calls its fifth-generation Wi-Fi connectivity "more robust", says it offers "increased speeds", and that it extends the range throughout the house.