Apple has made its Fusion Drive technology, which cleverly merges a flash drive with a standard hard drive, available on the entire 21.5-inch iMac range.

The technology, previously restricted to the 2.9 GHz model, is now available in both off-the-shelf models including the base 2.7GHz version. 

The 1TB Fusion Drive addition will add an extra £200 to the final price, customers looking for a faster hard drive experience noticed on Apple's online store early this morning. 

Announced at its media event in October, at which Pocket-lint was in attendance, the Fusion Drive combines 128GB of flash storage with either 1TB or 3TB of HDD storage. It is also available on the new 27-inch iMac and Mac mini.

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"Frequently used items are kept at the ready on speedy flash storage, while infrequently accessed items go to the hard drive," Apple explains. "The file transfers take place in the background, so you won’t even notice."

The redesigned iMac was released in late-November in two basic models. The 2.7GHz, 21.5-inch model starts at £1,099, while the better spec'd 2.9GHz, 27-inch model starts at £1,499. Both are incredibly sleek, featuring a larger back plate that hides all the internals, and tapering down to an incredibly thin 5mm edge.

The 21.5-inch iMac screen provides a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, LED-backed with IPS technology, and an unimpressive sounding pixel density of around 102ppi. The 27-inch iMac, on the other hand, is a bump up to 2560 x 1440, also coming out not-very Retina-like at 109ppi. However, reviewers including our own Stuart Miles have noted the impressiveness of the screen thanks to new glass implemented by Apple.

For only £200 more, prospective iMac buyers will certainly appreciate the extra option on the base model.

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