Speculation is mounting that a Retina Display Mac could be revealed at Apple’s WWDC, after an app supporting the theory has appeared on Apple’s Mac App Store.

Folderwatch, an app used for synching, monitoring and mirroring files, includes the words “Retina graphics” in its details - and sent the Apple rumour mill into overdrive. 

Apple will have approved this detail, so it’s not a case of Folderwatch getting ahead of itself. The Cupertino outfit is said to be set to reveal plans to fit all of its future Mac models with Retina Display support.

We know from the iPhone 4S and the new iPad that Apple has the technical know-how, but equipping the larger Macs with 3840x2160 displays would be a new challenge. 

Pocket-lint will be in attendance at WWDC, which begins on 11 June, so we’ll be sure to bring you all the facts and crush any rumours.

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