If you are a mobile worker you'll know the age-old problem of finding power. Combine that with what seems to be a growing number of devices that need a regular charge and - come the end of the day - your laptop quickly starts to look like an octopus.

The problem with that, MacBook Air users will tell you, is that the MacBook air doesn't charge that quickly and doesn't charge the iPad at all, really.

In steps the PlugBug, a new gadget from Twelve South that fits on your Apple charger to give you a USB socket in which to charge your iPad or your iPhone at the same time via a more powerful wall charger.

No longer do you have to use the lacklustre USB ports on your MacBook Air, for example.

Costing $35 in the US, a UK version is due to be launched this summer and will cost £25.

Small, adaptable, and pretty clever. If you are one of those MacBook and iPad or smartphone mobile workers this might be up your street.