Coming in at around the same size as a fourth generation iPod nano, the Miroir de poche MirrorBook Air is bound to be the biggest Christmas wish for any self-respecting fangirl out there.

Sure, it's not exactly Apple-endorsed and no, there's no cutting edge tech on board (in fact, there is no tech at all on board) and your girlfriend or wife may not recover from the disappointment for the whole of Christmas Day should they think, even for a split-second, that you'd generously bought them the latest Apple kit - but we still think this could be a stocking-filler favourite.

On offer from French etailer w3shstore, the mini mirror MacBook Air costs a fraction of the price of the real thing and is even slicker than Apple's latest Wonderbook (Apple doesn't like the name Ultrabook, so we've devised our own moniker).

And just look at that crisp display. Talk about life-like. Not exactly anti-reflective though.

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