Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has confirmed that Apple has shipped over 6 million copies of Mac OS X Lion since it launched.

The numbers, boosted by Apple opting for a digital download over an on the shelf option, have helped it reach the same levels Windows 7 reached in 20 weeks.

Cook says that the number is 80 per cent more growth than the previous OS, Snow Leopard, which wasn’t available via digital download.

It’s worth pointing out that the new OS from Apple cost £20.99 compared to Microsoft’s entry-level price of  £50 when Windows 7 launched.

The success of Lion, combined with the launch of the new MacBook Air meant that the Apple enjoyed bumper sales confirmed Cook bringing the total number of Apple Mac users to 60 million.

That number translates to 23% of the US market. 

"We still have a long way to go," Tim Cook told the audience at the "Let's talk iPhone" event.

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