The new MacBook Air is so fresh out of Apple factories that it has barely had time to settle in at the Pocket-lint towers. That however hasn't stopped website iFixit from dissecting one of the new Apple ultra-thins in an effort to see exactly what internals have been changed.

Short of the Sandy Bridge processors and a tiny connector to bring power to the backlit keyboard, there is little that has changed. In fact the LEDs used to light the keyboard are about as exciting as it gets, being cleverly distributed to make sure things are evenly lit below the keys. 

Apple has stuck to the same 1440x900 resolution display as last years model, the thickness meaning that there was no room to add in a FaceTimeHD camera, hence the lack of iSight upgrade.

RAM is soldered to the motherboard making it extremely difficult to upgrade once you have made your initial purchase. The SSD however is detachable, so those looking to switch things out and put in some bigger memory later on shouldn't face much trouble. The problem is that it is very very difficult to actually pop the thing open, with only the most skilled of tech fans likely having the necessary equipment. 

Whilst we like seeing what a MacBook Air looks like from the inside, it is difficult to watch such a beautiful piece of technology be gutted and have its innards spilled out onto a table. Personally we want to protect out MacBook Air from such violence, at least until we fill its hard drive.

Pic: iFixit

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