Apple has said that the MacBook Air is the company’s answer to the iPad in its latest earning report call to stockholders on Wednesday.

“If the Mac company were a separate company, and the iPad company were a separate company, what would the Mac company build to compete with the iPad? And I think the answer is the MacBook Air,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s COO paraphrasing earlier comments by Steve Jobs (who wasn’t on the call).

Cook believes that, because they aren’t separate companies, though, they have been able to use successes in each division to create products that cross boundaries, borrowing tech from each other.  

“Part of the magic of Apple is that there’s not high walls between these product groups. They like each, talk to each other, they’re of the same DNA, they want to build the best products in the world. And so if one has a great idea, there’s not a ‘not invented here’ in the other group. And so one of the key learnings from the iPad was that people love instant on, they really love that. And so the MacBook Air incorporated that, and that’s just one simple example.”

Cook went on to detail how “there are tons of examples throughout all of our products, where something started on one and went to a different one...It could start on the phone, and then flow forward, it could start on the iPad and flow, and so on and so forth."

So what tech would you like to see from one Apple product on another? Let us know in the comments below...