Apple has announced that while its new MacBook Pro models, announced on Thursday, would be getting its FaceTime app for free, those looking to enjoy the app on older computers will have to pay for the privilege.

“FaceTime is included with all new MacBook Pro models and is available for other Intel-based Macs from the Mac App Store for £0.59 (99c),” Apple joyfully says in a press release detailing the new models.

There is no word, however, on whether Apple will be charging iPhone and iPod touch users to use the app in the future at this time.

Hoping to help branding further, Apple has renamed its webcam on the laptop range the “FaceTime HD camera”.

Taking on Skype, the FaceTime video calling software allows HD video calls between all new MacBook Pro models and supports standard resolution calls with other Intel-based Macs, iPhone 4 and the current generation iPod touch.

There's no word on whether Apple will be phasing out support for its Beta app, currently available to all Mac OSX users.

UPDATE: It appears the Facetime Beta has gone from the US site - the original link takes you to the paid app (thanks Steve)

FaceTime for Mac beta review