We could be seeing Sandy Bridge Intel chip packing MacBook Pro models hitting Apple Stores as early as 1 March, according to numerous reports online.

Apple Insider has spoken to our old friend "a person familiar with the matter", who states that the new lineup should go live within 2 weeks, which apparently is in-line with Apple's aims albeit including a minor delay due to the Sandy Bridge series 6 design flaw, which signalled a recall at the end of January.

The 2 week estimate also fits in with what MacRumours stated last week, when it touted a launch date of 1 March and also the same date was mentioned on a Danish Apple blog too.

It's also rumoured that it isn't just under the hood where the MacBook Pro will receive a revamp - design changes are being talked up as well, with the MacBook Air apparently being the inspiration.

Whether we'll be seeing SSDs, and instant-ons with the power hungry demands of the Pro range remains to be seen though. Roll on March we guess.....

The MacBook Pro range was last revamped in April last year.