They don't hang about those iFixit chaps.

We can imagine them sitting watching the Apple keynotes, salivating and twitching with excitement as Jobs unveils yet more Cupertino kit that they can take to bits.

And, just a day or so after the Back to the Mac event, iFixit has not only got its hands on a MacBook Air, it has stripped it bare so we can all take a peek at its innards.

The highlights of the MacBook Air (11.6-inch version) teardown are:

- It's a bugger to take apart - it's almost as if Apple doesn't want you fiddling with its new baby. The new machine has proprietary 5-point security Torx screws to attach the lower case. Inside, it's held together with more normal 6-point T5 and T8 Torx screws.

- The battery is comprised of six individual lithium-polymer cells, which combine to form a 35 Watt-hour battery. That's where the 30 hours of standby comes from then.

- It uses the same Broadcom BCM943224 Wi-Fi / Bluetooth chip as the current MacBook Pros.

- As well as the improved 1366x768 resolution, Apple has "substantially enhanced the rigidity of the display assembly".

iFixit gave the 11.6-inch MacBook Air a score of 4 out of 10 for repairability.

Keep your eyes peeled to the reviews section of Pocket-lint where we'll be bringing you our comprehensive MacBook Air verdict. Chances are, it'll be scoring higher than 4 out of 10.