Apple announced a new, thinner MacBook Air on Wednesday, and we've managed to grab one from from the Cupertino company itself, in order to give it a full-on proper road test. 

But, before get down to business, and start putting it through its paces, we felt it was only right to share some snaps of the wee beauty so you can really see how thin it actually is. 

Compared to the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro, it's "little-black-dress" small, and those edges, while looking sharp, aren't going to be enough to cut you - thankfully. 

With no moving parts and extremely lightweight, the Air garnered plenty of "oohs" and "ahhs" when we got it out in our sales office (those sales boys are easily swayed). It certainly is, as one commented, "very pretty".

In addition, the screen resolution is pretty stunning, but, as feared, it doesn't have Flash pre-installed. 

Let's hope the performance matches the looks. 

We will have a full review of the new MacBook Air in the coming days. 

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