File this one under "P" for "Petty".

The latest MacBook Air models, which were unleashed to the wild at the Back to the Mac event, do not come with Flash pre-loaded.

The plug-in is not included and there's no obvious click to install button either, so you'll have to manually sort it yourself.

Reports suggest that once installed, everything runs just fine and dandy, but it's fairly obvious that a lack of Flash off the bat is not an unintentional mistake from the Cupertino collective.

You may remember that back in April Apple CEO Steve Jobs published a very public, and very critical letter regarding Flash. And Adobe hit back with a post and a marketing campaign of its own.

Well, it seems the war isn't over, although the battles do seem to have calmed as of late.

Consider the Flash emission a sniper attack. Sneaky, unexpected and thought through well in advance.

Adobe....your move next.

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