After all the speculation, pomp and hoo-hah, Apple will announce the new MacBook Air today (at the very least), but where will it fit into the company's range?

We're already confident that the leaked specifications will be there or there abouts, but Apple doesn't tend to release a product for the sake of it. It generally has to fit into some master-plan, if only to plug a gap in the corporation's line-up. And that's what the new MacBook Air will do, effectively.

Designer Spencer Cal has created a Usual Suspects-style graphic to show Apple's range of products in screen size terms, and where the new laptop will sit. He's also added a 7-inch iPad, although Steve Jobs has already poo-pooed the idea.

However, it certainly looks good on the chart. Steve?

where will new macbook air fit in apple s range  image 2

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