Ah, there's nothing like an Apple launch event to set the tech-rumour mill into hyper-drive.

And, with the next congregation of the Holy Church of Cupertino due to take Mass on 20 October, the latest murmurs are, that apart from a look at Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, the prophet Jobs (or one of his disciples) will be announcing the arrival of, not one, but two brand spanking new MacBook Air models.

AppleInsider is reporting on some of the tech that we can expect to see on board the new machines, and Engadget has even managed to nab a picture of what could be the innards of a prototype from the larger of the touted notebooks.

Suggestions are that the two models will be 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch versions, with the 11.6-inch model on course to be "aggressively priced".

The machines are said to have revamped, "unibody" designs, with single button trackpads, and a port layout not too dissimilar to the latest MacBook Pro.

SSD card storage is apparently based off a SATA connection, which sits above and to the left of the new battery chamber (which has 4 separate battery components). The base of each model just a tiny bit thicker than a USB port.

We're looking at two USB ports, a MagSafe adapter, mini DisplayPort and an SD card reader. Spec wise, the photo shows the same 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo SL9400 chip that's in the current incumbent (although we'd expect this to be upgraded from the prototype), with 2GB of RAM.

So, it's all eyes on Cupertino this week for yet another big Apple announcement.

Keep your eyes peeled to Pocket-lint, where we'll be reporting all of the Apple news, as and when it breaks.

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